Work Woes

This blog has replaced my usual daily journal-writing.

Today is the beginning of a new month, I’d like to think it’s the start of a fresh chapter in the ever complex story of my life. Things have been fairly simple since I arrived here though, a mercy I am undeniably grateful for.


I cannot deny that my desire to go home has increased these past few days though. I am desperate for a different scene, performing the same routines every day can be so tedious. there’s nothing that kills inspiration more than monotony.


I’m sitting in the library, my black-painted nails clacking rudely. The music is pounding in my deaf ears and I feel calm. Of course I should be the exact opposite, considering I have three pieces of work due tomorrow as well as a test.


This place has seriously made me question my writing abilities, but there is no way I can handle being mediocre, I will attempt to resurface from this perpetual fluctuation between ‘average’ and ‘having potential’. I made it this far for a reason, how can I possibly compromise all those hours of my life I spent endlessly working just to make something of myself? It would be such a waste.


This week is dragging though.

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